Page Templates

Page templates define the layout of common Wordpress pages, with the homepage and one custom template added.

Standard page templates

The Bergify theme delivers all the common Wordpress page templates:

  • Index/Blog - displays posts
  • Page - displays a single page
  • Single Post - displays a single post
  • Search - template used to display search results
  • 404 - displays when no content is found.

Ready-to-use homepage

The Bergify theme features a custom homepage design that is available right after you install the theme. Just navigate to the homepage of your website where you will see the homepage design of our demo site.

You can use this original design or feel free to customize the homepage to your liking.

Custom page template

A special page template called “Page No Title” was added to the Bergify theme. The page template does not display the name of the page below the header/navigation. You will usually put a hero section at the top of the page instead.

You select the template “Page No Title” in the right Page settings panel when editing your page. See Quick Start guide for more details.

Set Up Your Page