Quick Start

Built your first web page with Bergify in no time

Ready-to-use homepage

The Bergify theme features a custom homepage design that is available right after you install the theme. Just navigate to the homepage of your website where you will see the homepage design of our demo site.

You can use this original design or feel free to customize the homepage to your liking.

Build a simple landing page

In your Wordpress Dashboard navigate to “Pages » All Pages” and click “Add New”.

Add New Page

Here you follow with 2 steps:

  1. Set up the name of your page, for example “Landing Page”.
  2. Select the template “Page No Title” in the right Page settings panel.

Set Up Your Page

Add content - Patterns

Insert predesigned sections (called Patterns in the Wordpress Editor) to your page by clicking Block Inserter (+ sign) » Patterns Tab and choosing a desired section.

Insert Patterns

  • Start with the Hero section and then add any from the 25+ predesigned sections.

  • Get inspired at the demo site that shows an example of a landing page (“Homepage”) and other web pages like “Services”, “About” or “Contact”.